Samurai are one of the symbols of Japan. During the very long feudal period that crossed the archipelago, these warriors armed with katana and armor shed blood by protecting their daimyo or fighting for themselves as ronin. Throughout history there have been famous and one of them appeared in Record of Ragnarok.

With the release of Record of Ragnarok on Netflix, we reviewed some of the most important human figures on the side of battle, united with a group of legendary gods. In this first season we saw Sasaki Kojiro in the third round, a samurai. Who was this character in real life?

Sasaki Kojiro lived between the Sengoku and Edo periods and is believed to have lived between 1583 and 1612. Growing up in swordsmanship since childhood thanks to a teacher from the Asakura clan, he begins to develop his own technique with an odachi, a Japanese long sword that is longer than a normal katana and can reach a length of 90 centimeters. He then begins a trip to Kokura City, where he is given permission to open a dojo. From this point his fame will grow dramatically and in 1600 he will become one of the most famous swordsmen in Japanwhich attracts many students.

But Miyamoto Musashi was also among those who went to him, well-known samurai and also protagonist of the manga Vagabond by Takehiko Inoue. The warrior challenged Sasaki Kojiro in April 1612, and during the duel Musashi won. Sasaki died in that duel, but his honor remained intact and the island on which he died was also dedicated to him. Precisely because of its legendary fame, Sasaki Kojiro appears in numerous works, including the most recent Record of Ragnarok.

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