Pokémon: What if the cute little monsters were monstrous creatures instead?

Despite the tactical depth of the video game, the animated series is Pokémon manages to conquer the little ones thanks to the adorable little monsters. But have you ever imagined a creepy version of Pokémon? A fan tried to revise it in a terrifying way.

The Pokémon are generally aimed at a younger audience, so Nintendo and Game Freak have used an enchanting and carefree design to create the monsters. But the artist David Szilagyi made them something a real nightmare.

Pokémon are anything but terrifying monsters, but in the Szilagyi version they are suitable for the scariest horror video games. Carnival of Horror's Twitter profile shared some of the disturbing creations of the artistto. The pictures show Zubat, Poliwhirl, Tentacruel and Wigglytuff; The latter in particular, famous for its "snuggly" design, is the most terrifying Pokémon that has ever appeared.

David Szilagy is a conceptual artist and video game illustrator whose main talent is turning the cutest Pokémon into gods Scare off monsters. Some of his other works are available on the artist's ArtStation page. Would you like to see a Pokémon game with this style? In a series of Pikachu statues, Pokémon met Joker and Naruto. A pleasant surprise was expected from a key visual from Pokémon Explorations.

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