Pokémon it is the most profitable franchise in history, and much of its success is due to the wonderful design of the little monsters. Among the many, one of the fans' favorites is undoubtedly the spectrum Gengar, protagonist among other things of a beautiful review written by a user recently, after buying a stuffed animal.

The boy commented in the appropriate section of the official website, thus justifying his 5/5 evaluation: "The stuffed animal was delivered to me a short time ago, on the same day when my city was hit by a terrible earthquake. At that moment I was at home but I knew I had to run to the office to check some things. Once back I saw my wife tighten the stuffed animal, on the verge of an anxiety crisis. The material is really soft and hugging it makes you feel good, and despite everything that has happened, it hasn't ruined even a bit. I am happy to have purchased it!".

A review that speaks for itself, and which was even reported on the Twitter profile Pokémon Center and some American media. The years pass for everyone, but it's always nice to see that new and old generations continue to share the passion for stuffed animals, and for Pokémon in particular.

And what do you think of it? Do you also have some similar gadgets at home? Let us know with a comment! Speaking of Pokémon, did you know that a large load of counterfeit products was confiscated in America a few days ago? Read the news in question and tell us yours, and don't forget that the new anime Pokémon Explorations will soon arrive in Italy!

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