Thanks to a recent poll in Japan, many fans of the franchise have Pokémon could vote for their favorite female heroine and protagonist, who during the numerous adventures that led Ash Ketchum to travel from the original Kanto to the newer Galar featured in Pokémon Explorations.

As you can see from the ranking at the bottom of the news shared on Twitter by @AshandSerena some of the Ten positions in the recent survey in Japan You will not surprise many of the fans who have followed Ash and Pikachu’s journey for years, but they have nonetheless made numerous comparisons and discussions on the internet.

In the first place we find Serena, Ash's travel companion in the Kalos area, where the Pokémon X and Y video game events take place. Second place was instead won by dusk, a young Pokémon coordinator who appears in the first episode of Diamond & Pearl, a series dedicated to the fourth generation of wearable monsters. To close the podium, we find Misty, historical coach and sports director who follows Ash and Brock in the Kanto region during the first series.

And who would you have chosen as the best trainer or character for the anime? Let us know with a comment below. Recall that Gengar's evolutionary line received a magnificent statue, and we leave you to announce the new Pokémon series: Master Explorations.

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