Pokémon Explorations: the relationship between Ash and Riolu grows, Pikachu will abandon the team?

Pokémon Explorations has really raised the bar when it comes to anime about the world's most famous monsters, especially because for the first time Ash Ketchum seems to have the grit (and the team) for bring home an important victory. The synopsis of episode 30, however, appeared on the net a few moments ago, it also anticipates an unexpected break.

The advances of the episode number 30, entitled The reluctant Pikachu and the exasperated Mr. Mime and out on July 26 in Japan, report the following: "After winning another battle in the Pokémon World Championship, Riolu really seems to have become the pivot of the team. Ash is focused on training his new Pokémon, and the situation pushes Pikachu's patience to the limit. The companion of the protagonist then decides to leave Professor Sakuragi's laboratory, and Mr. Mime desperately tries to convince him to return. Where will this journey take them?".

It is no surprise that Riolu's arrival has profoundly changed Ash, and it is not said that the disagreement between the two is completely resolved within an episode. Obviously the companion of the protagonist can only reconcile with the coach, but staying separate for a few episodes could make both of them understand how much they need each other.

Pikachu then, in particular, has won practically all official and non-official battles in Pokémon Scouts, with the sole exclusion of the clash with Champion Dandel, in which he failed to defeat Charizard. In Pokémon World Championship, Pikachu is still undefeated.

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