Pokémon Explorations: The recap of Episode 43 calls for the return of a champion

The final episode of Pokémon Explorations featured the entry of the Legendaries of Galar, but the Sword & Shield narrative arc has only just begun and of course it will bring many other surprises with it. One of these is shown in the next episode, number 43 The executive summary published by Anipoke is expecting a great return.

As you can see below, the episode preview reads as follows: "Ash and Go are asked to investigate a specific phenomenon that has occurred in the Galar region. When the two arrive on site, they see groups of huge and out of control Pokémon! To solve the problem, Ash teams up with Dandel, the best coach in the world, while Go decides to team up with Sonia, Professor Flora's apprentice. The boys discover that behind the events there is a terrible organization that wants to repeat the Dark Night, a phenomenon that hit the Galar region a long time ago!".

Episode 43 marks the turning point in relation to the Spada & Scudo narrative arc. consisting of a total of four bets. Soon after, the anime focuses on the return of one of the series' most important Pokémon.

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