Pokémon Explorations, the new theme awaits incredible news for the Ash and Go teams!

A few hours ago the new Pokémon Exploration theme and of course a mountain of previews for the new episodes has arrived. Among the novelties were confirmed battles, the presence of many legendary Pokémon, new conquests and unexpected developments for the monsters of Ash Ketchum and Go.

First of all, you can take a look at the new opening called below 1, 2, 3! and written and sung by Nishikawa-kun to Kirisho. As of today, the acronym will replace the composition of the same name After the rain.

For the first forty seconds, Ash and Go are shown how to grapple with studying some legendary Pokémon, which also include Zacian is Zamazenta. Then Mew, the three legendary birds of the first generation and the training phases of the two protagonists are shown. The appearance of these creatures in the anime is not yet certain, but the possibility remains high.

Immediately afterwards, the two complete teams of Ash and Go are shown. The first now appears to be complete, with Pikachu, Dragonite, Mr. Mime, Gengar, Farfetch'd (form of Galar) and Riolu, while the second has a Magikarp, Raboot, Scyther, Skwovet, Farfetc'd and Sobble. Yamper also appears on Ash's team for a few frames, but it should be Koharu's Pokémon.

Finally, in addition to the various collisions, Two developments are also confirmed. Ashs Riolu becomes a Lucario, while Go's Raboot becomes a Cinderace.

What do you think about it? Are you following the series? Let us know with a comment! Instead, if you want to know more, we recommend checking out the spoilers for the next few episodes.

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