Ash Ketchum has finally become world champion Pokemon. The fight that ended his incredible journey in the World Coronation Series sanctioned the title win but also proved to be one of the most spectacular and intense of the entire series Pokemon: Explorations getting closer to the end.

Between searching and traveling Ash's true goal in the final season of the anime, he had the opportunity to publicly face off against Dandel, the champion of the Galar region who is considered the best trainer in the world. After seeing and confronting familiar and beloved faces from the community, such as Sinnoh Region Champion Camilla, Ash was able to do so reach the final of the tournament.

A historical moment in the series that the authors have tried to make even more unforgettable with high quality animations, as you can see in the clip below, and the original soundtrack that serves as a background Battle between Dandel's Charizard and Ash's Pikachu. A spectacular way to end Ash's journey, which according to his voice actress could continue, and also to celebrate 25 years of the franchise.

Finally, we leave you with the progression to Episode 133 of Pokémon: Explorations, in which Goh will resume his quest for the legendary Mew.

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