New world, new protagonists, new companions: the Pokémon anime with Liko and Roy will start in April 2023 and will shake all the foundations of the animated franchise in the face of this series Historical protagonist Ash Ketchum will be retiring and his lifelong companion Pikachu, but also many other characters who accompanied him.

And among these There's Team Rocket. One of the first introductions of the Pokémon anime in the 90's was precisely this group of loutish thieves, who, however, have very little luck, and in fact every attempt to catch Pikachu and his companions ended in failure. And just like the protagonist, the Team Rocket trio left the Pokémon anime after an episode in which they were defeated for the umpteenth time.

After a fight and the abandonment of all their creatures, the three have decided to part their ways in a very special separation. But for the fans, that's it liked the ending of Team Rocket? There were many comments on Twitter about it, most in disbelief at the type of split there was. In fact, according to many, this separation will only be temporary, and many are convinced that the trio will get back together in the new Pokémon anime. Others, on the other hand, aren't very convinced of the nature of the choice, as there wasn't much pathos and it wasn't a worthy ending for this trio of thieves.

Below are some of the related tweets, with Team Rocket always taking center stage. And you instead You appreciated this separation from Ash's historical antagonists?

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