Yusuke Murata continues to draw the chapters of One-Punch Man, revisiting them when needed to correct or add details that will be important in the story. An example was the recent remake of chapter 103 of One-Punch Man which brought us new aspects of the characters involved.

But the mangaka does not stop only at the official designs. In fact, through his Twitter account @NebuKuro he shares many illustrations based on One-Punch Man and other series. In recent days he had shared a sketch that saw the trio Saitama, Genos and Sonic together, while in the past few hours he created a completely new one.

This time he focused on a character who hasn't appeared since the first volume of One-Punch Man: the Mosquito Girl. This monster which, as can be deduced from the name, recalls a mosquito appeared together with Genos and between the two there was a bloody clash that ended only with the resolutive intervention of Saitama. It was after that battle that Genos became a pupil of Saitama. Below you can see this image, however made in a sketchy way and with a more sympathetic look than what we saw during the series.

You are happy to be able to review, even if only in this unofficial form, one of the first monsters to appear in One-Punch Man?

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