Ever since Saitama entered the Hero Fortress built after the onslaught of monsters, he has had no rest. His prearranged afternoon of play with King didn't happen, and instead he had to deal with one annoyance after another, which became particularly evident in the final chapters of One punch man.

The onslaught of the Tsukuyomi organization led to a period of discord between the two sisters, Tatsumaki and Fubuki, but Saitama's intervention at least pushed the older sister aside to let off steam. And so There was a Saitama VS Tatsumaki in the final chapters of One-Punch Manfirst settled in the wasteland around the fortress, then moved to the city several times thanks to crazy attacks from both of them, then returned to this initial desert area again, causing some troubles for everyone.

But in the end there was a winner. Saitama VS Tatsumaki was won by Saitama, with the bald hero having resisted every psychic attack from the S-class heroine. The last grab in particular consumed a lot of power due to Saitama's resistance, and this caused Tatsumaki to faint and then think about his past and Blast. Thus, the defeat of the umpteenth time winner Hagemanto was no longer visible, even if this time he had to resist longer than expected.

Now Tatsumaki recognizes Saitama's strength and has softened with her sister and her followers. Unfortunately, to see the sequel we'll have to wait as One-Punch Man will be on hiatus for a few weeks until Chapter 183 is released in the second half of April.

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