Several months have passed since the release of One-Punch Man Chapter 149, which is fundamental to the continuation of a story currently blocked over an important war between heroes and monsters. Genos, Tatsumaki, Bang and others are at the center of these battles, but their run was briefly interrupted by Yusuke Murata's long break.

To focus on remaking the chapters coming out in volume in Japan, the mangaka hasn't published a chapter in about three months. But now, after Murata's announcement in the last few days, the Tonari no Young Jump is finally available on the website Chapter 150 of One-Punch Man.

Thanks to these new pages we dive in Past of bang, the martial arts master who was originally the exact opposite of what he was today: brute, violent, prone to vices and everywhere and against anyone who seemed a bit strong to demonstrate his strength. However, his path is blocked by his older brother Bomb, who easily defeats him in a fight, causing Bang to change radically. The man started training hard, started his own dojo, and then became a hero, perhaps to make up for past mistakes and be able to do what Bomb did to others.

In the present it is actually the moment of the teacher against the student, with Bang against Garo where the former tries to knock down the latter to teach him the same lesson that Bomb gave the old man. But Garo seems too strong to be beaten. Bang's hits don't seem to make much of a difference and the old man himself gets knocked off. But a crack appears to have appeared in Garo's dark armor.

Meanwhile elsewhere Genos takes hit after hit from Black Sperm that loosens his arms and legs. Tatsumaki is also exhausted and the cyborg steps in to help her thanks to the retrorazzi. He shields them with his body and thinks back to his master Saitama and his true strength until something seems to happen. Will someone come to save her in the next chapter of One-Punch Man?

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