Eiichiro Oda's message is clear: ONE PIECE enters the final phase. With the return now expected shortly, for Sunday July 24th on MangaPlus, there will be the beginning of the last part and with it many revelations. One of these could also include the mysterious ancestral weapon Pluton.

For some time we have been talking about Pluton in ONE PIECE: already in Alabasta it was mentioned several times and it was also the aim of the text of the poneglyph present there. Then his seedlings ended up at Water Seven in Franky's possession, who destroyed them. But now, with the crew in Wano, there is a chance that the protagonists will actually get in touch with the ancestral weapon. Sukiyaki Kozuki actually confirmed that Pluton is in Wano.

The protagonists have certainly received power-ups in recent times, why not take advantage of this moment and Use Pluton to give Thousand Sunny Power-Ups? The Straw Hat Pirate Ship is already tough and powerful, but it can face truly unrelenting opponents such as naval warships and elemental devilfruit powers. With the opportunity for Franky and Usopp to study the ancestral weapon, it is possible that a weapon or enhancement suitable for the Thousand Sunny will be released.

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