The power system ONE PIECE it is based on the powers of the fruits of the devil and on ambition. We know that the mythical Gol D. Roger was easily the most fearsome pirate of all time, but there are still some mysteries about his character. We sail in search of the truth about the legendary Pirate King.

Previously, we found out that Gol D. Roger had an heir in ONE PIECE. But what other secrets does the most cherished character in all of Eiichiro Oda's work hide? Roger was known as the Pirate King not only for being the only human to have explored the entire world of ONE PIECE, but also for his immense power. In fact, he was so powerful that he rivaled Monkey D. Garp and Whitebeard, his eternal rivals and friends. A bounty of 5,564,800,000 berries hung on Roger's head, but what a fruit of the devil had he possessed to achieve these results?

We know from Roger that he was aware of the importance of the poignee grip thanks to his special ability to hear voices. In fact, he could also hear Zunisha or the Sea Kings, although he couldn't converse with them directly. Roger also knew the truth about D's will and Joy Boy's story. But did he then have a fruit of the sea? Gol D. Roger didn't have Devil Fruit.

Roger's strength came from him alone ambition. He was able to control all three types of Haki, Perception, Armor, and Conquering King. In battle he was armed with his saber named Ace, with which he was a true prodigy.

The truth about Roger's power emerges in ONE PIECE 1047, in Kaido's words. While the strength of his rivals or those now trying to achieve his achievements derives from the fruits of the devil who Roger's strength lay solely in his will. Just like the late Pirate King, Shanks the Red has never eaten a fruit in ONE PIECE.

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