ONE PIECE: What do we know about the mysterious pirate Joy Boy?

We don't know much about the pirate Joy Boy and few characters know of his existence. However, now that Luffy and the others are getting closer to the ONE PIECEIt seems that the figure of the pirate is becoming fundamental.

Obviously, there are more theories than facts about the mysterious pirate Joy Boy and its connection with the ONE PIECE, some plausible, others less so.

Joy Boy is first mentioned by Nico Robin after reading the Poignee Griffe, which was found in the marine forest on the ocean floor south of Fish Man Island. King Neptune tells of the promise that was made to the future mermaid princess 900 years earlier. It is not clear what this promise is all about, but we do know that one of the three ancestral weapons is required. Poseidon.

Joy Boy's name is also given by Gol D. Roger when, after finding the One Piece, he says: "Oh joy boy. I wish I was born in your time!"This incident made the entire Roger crew laugh and they decided to name the island Laugh Tale.

The most likely theory is that Joy Boy was the ruler of the Old Kingdomin search of the three ancestral weapons. He was likely betrayed by those who longed for ancestral weapons to conquer the world. This betrayal led to the establishment of the 20 Heavenly Dragons and the World Government that hid the secrets in the Hundred Years of the Great Void.

The truth about Joy Boy is likely to be revealed soon as we get closer to the ONE PIECE conclusion. We invite you not to miss this good news for One Piece fans. We remind you that One Piece 1000 is missing 8 chapters. Oda's countdown continues.

What's your Joy Boy theory? What secrets is this mysterious character hiding?

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