We have seen different illustrations from the point of view of some characters in the last few months, all made by a fan of the Dragon Ball Zche series this time, however, without putting aside the Akira Toriyama series, he has created a nice artwork from the perspective of Monkey D Luffy, protagonist of ONE PIECE .

User @ ruto830 introduced us to many of the most important moments of the adventures of Goku and the Z Warriors, extrapolating them both from the regular series and from the films of the franchise, from the most varied points of view and seems to want to dedicate a series of illustrations also to crossover to say the least interesting.

It is not new to see the characters of Luffy and Son Goku united in the same universe, nor to see them fight, given the numerous videogame productions by Bandai Namco, the last of which is Jump Force, perhaps too ambitious, however the artist in question He managed to represent, in a nice and faithful way, the clash between the Saiyan and the captain of the Mugiwara.

As you can see in the post at the bottom of the page, we see a Super Saiyan Goku defending himself from one of Luffy's most symbolic attacks, the Gomu Gomu no Jet Gatling complete with Armor Ambition. It is certainly not an attack that will be enough to repel Goku, but we know that both protagonists still have numerous aces up their sleeve, which perhaps we could see in other drawings.

Recall that ONE PIECE fans have developed an unlikely theory about Yamato and that both Dragon Ball and ONE PIECE have obtained new Ichiban Kuji sets.

What do you think of this tribute to two of the most popular series ever? Which crossover encounters / clashes would you like to see in this way? Let us know with a comment below.

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