ONE PIECE: The time when Eiichiro asked Oda to work in Takehiko Inoue’s studio

Also consider two timeless works that belong to completely different genres ONE PIECE that Slam Dunk comes to the Olympus of the most popular and most watched series in manga and anime, and that is due to the incredible work of the two masters Eiichiro Oda and Takehiko Inoue.

Slam Dunk did manage to get involved 276 chaptersMillions of readers and to get them excited about basketball with a unique style and a funny and deep narrative, the pirate epic of ONE PIECE expands with the adventures of Luffy and his companions and gets closer and closer to the impressive milestone of the 1000th chapter. Oda recalled his career in the early 1990s and announced that he had asked for it to be employed as an assistant in the studio of the then already established Inoue, an event that would undoubtedly have shaped his future and might have distanced him from the production of one of his works.

While speaking with Inoue, Oda himself said: "I asked my editor to accept me as an assistant in your studio. He simply replied that there were no vacancies. I was very disappointed. If I had walked into your studio, it would probably have been different. For numerous reasons it is so." It was a turning point for me. "

Sure, if the request had been accepted Today EIN STÜCK would not be the series we knowand fans would have been left without a job so crucial that it would be considered one of the symbols of the entire manga and anime industry. Recall that a magnificent collectible statue was made by Luffy and we'll leave the details to Chapter 994.

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