The Devil Fruit Power it is a recurring element of ONE PIECE. These fruits of mysterious origin can bestow a unique power on those who eat them, and the protagonist Monkey D. Luffy knows it well. But so are many opponents like Blackbeard and his crew.

During the saga of ONE PIECE, Blackbeard has shown that he pays close attention to these powers and has set out in search of the most powerful Devil Fruits to obtain and give to members of his crew. With the latest revelations, even those who were originally fruitless now seem to have one. here you are all official Devil Fruits of Blackbeards Crew until now.

  • Commander Blackbeard has two fruits available: the Dark Dark and the Gura Gura, formerly Whitebeard;
  • Jesus Burgess wields the power of the Riki-Riki fruit, which dramatically increases his physical strength;
  • Shiryu, on the other hand, has the suke-suke fruit formerly of Absalom;
  • Van Augur has gained Warp Warp, which allows him to move himself and people over great distances.
  • The cruel Avalo Pizarro has the Shima Shima, which allows him to exploit an island to his liking, modify it and more;
  • The huntress Catarina Devon has the mythological fruit Inu-Inu model Kyubi, which allows her to transform into a nine-tailed fox and from there copy another person's appearance;
  • Sanjuan Wolf has the Deka Deka no Mi, a fruit that allows you to increase your size;
  • Doc Q, the medic, has the Shiku Shiku, which allows him to unleash diseases on targets;
  • Kuzan has the Hie Hie fruitthe Logia that controls the ice.

The only one missing for now is Lafitte, but in the past he's shown he can grow a pair of wings so a Vogel-Zoo Zoo can't be ruled out for him. At the moment it is not known if any of them have achieved their own Devil Fruit Awakening.

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