The first official trailer of ONE-PIECE: RED revealed key information about the role Emperor Shanks the Red will play in the film and the mysterious female character who has featured consistently in promotional materials released by Toei Animation over the past few weeks: his daughter Uta.

Despite the trailer where near by Monkey D Luffy With Uta herself, few details emerged from these images regarding the story that will debut in Japanese cinemas August 6, 2022. To make this wait less difficult, there are a number of exclusive gadgets that can be obtained by performing the Pre-order tickets.

The news was also shared on social networks by the official ONE PIECE page, reporting the post at the bottom of the news where all the objects available for the initiative are presented through an image. It will be possible to choose between two different sets, the first guarantees a special ticket and a set of four pins, the second includes the ticket and a plush toy. A collectible bear featuring Shanks' unique designbranded ONE PIECE: RED and featuring the Jolly Roger of the Pirates of the Red. Let us know what you think in the comments.

Finally, we leave you with a strange theory regarding the identity of Shanks' wife.

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