When a series reaches heights of unmatched popularity, as in the case of one piece, even a trivial thing like a emoticons suddenly appearing on social media can become viral enough to bounce from one part of the world to another. And why do we say this? Because in these hours a hashtag has gone viral on Twitter Luffy.

As you can see from the post at the bottom of the article, it would seem that by writing the name of Straw hat in hiragana, preceded by the symbol "Https://anime.everyeye.it/#", appear a special Pirate emoticon most famous in the world. The smiley face is really small and seems to represent a Luffy smiling and with the inevitable straw hat on the head.

Obviously, as said at the beginning, in a short time the hashtag went viral. With more and more people using it, just for the satisfaction of having the rare emoticon on your profile. To activate it, of course, it only takes copy the tag and paste it into a tweet, so if you want to use it we recommend you do it as soon as possible because very often these found remain active for a limited period of time.

Fans have already gone to work to find out if there are other hashtags that allow you to generate smiley faces like Luffy's, but for the moment the future Pirate King he is the only character One Piece to have his own emoticon.

As you get busy filling Twitter Luffy, we point out that Kaido in chapter 979 revealed that he will make an important announcement and we also invite you to see this beautiful and sensual Nico Robin cosplay.

Were you already aware of the Twitter Hashtag dedicated to Straw Hat?

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