For over twenty years ONE PIECE continues to accompany the huge community of millions of fans weekly with new chapters and episodes and gradually the series is nearing its end. We are now approaching the climax of the Wano saga, with the clash between Mugiwara and Kaido in the final stages.

In a few weeks, the anime will also hit 1000 episodes of ONE PIECE, a number that the manga has surpassed for several months. Fans are currently struggling to find out who will be the eleventh and final member of Mugiwara between Carrot and yamato who should join the crew shortly before the end of the current story arc.

In any case, an important event is being celebrated today, namely the 19th anniversary of the entry of Nico Robin in the ranks of the Mugiwara. Crunchyroll wanted to pay tribute to the event by sharing the hilarious clip we attached to the bottom of the news and unfortunately subtitled in long English, in which the archaeologist officially joins Luffy's team.

So we just need to point you to the appropriate video, but not before reading the spoilers of Chapter 1030 of ONE PIECE. And on the other hand, did you remember that 19 years have passed since Robin joined the crew? Let us know with a comment below.

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