In the anime of ONE PIECE The third act of the Wano saga began and with that we were confronted with the character of Oden Kozuki and his story. Two new eyecatches were also shown on this occasion. Let's see them together.

After showing it to myself again i Red sheaths In the desperation caused by Orochi's discovery of their plan, the story of the legendary Shogun has begun in the new episode of the animated series. return back 41 years Compared to the narrated events, we were finally able to observe and discover odes.

Another novelty related to the 960 episode is the Eye catcherThese are the illustrations that are usually inserted in the middle of the episode to start or end commercials. We can remember how the protagonists of these illustrations used to be Straw hat crew Introduced by some animation: the one before the commercials showed Luffy intending to strike the viewer, followed by Zoro while using a technique with his swords.

As you can see in the tweet at the bottom of this message The works of art have changed. The first was introduced through an animation with protagonists LuffyNami and Zoro depict the captain and his brothers Ace and Sabo, as shown in the flashback after the Marineford events. The second figure is dedicated Odes and is introduced by the Shogun himself, Gold Roger and a little Shanks.

What do you think? Do you like the new eye-catcher? Let us know with a comment.

Finally, for those interested, I report on the publication date of chapter 1003 of ONE PIECE and the ranking of the 5 strongest Rogia from ONE PIECE.

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