ONE PIECE undoubtedly represents one of the cornerstones of the immense manga and anime industry, and to this day, after 27 years of publication in the Weekly Shonen Jump, Eiichiro Oda is considered a master capable of creating an extremely large narrative universe that in the Is able to fascinate millions of people and delight readers.

However, if one thinks of the past decade, the attack of the giants stands out among the enormous number of series produced in the major magazines in the industry. from Hajime Isayama, a mature, direct, bloody work that takes up complex topics such as rebellion and the struggle for freedom with a unique narrative style and rhythm.

Although the two series appear different in many ways, artist @davidfueleki, who previously posted other crossover fanart between the two series, has chosen, in accordance with the tones of their respective mangaka, Turn Crocodile, Killer, Buggy and King into Giants.

Some very special mergers that you can see in the image at the bottom of the page appear perfectly in the style of Oda and Isayama, and could be confused with horror movie antagonists. What do you think of this crossover? We expect your opinion in the comments.

In conclusion, remember that Chapter 1029 of ONE PIECE is available on Manga Plus, and we'll leave you with an interesting theory about the future of the series after Wano.

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