ONE PIECE is such a large work that numerous appendices are required that explain in more detail the details of the world created by Eiichiro Oda. In addition to answering questions about the volumes about the famous SBS, the Mangaka also prepares data books and special magazines ONE PIECE Magazinewith aperiodic frequency.

ONE PIECE Magazine 10 will appear in September and unfortunately postponed by two weeks compared to the originally planned publication date in order to avoid too many queues in the shops and thus the risk of feeding the coronavirus. Despite the delay, Shueisha shared the magazine cover showing her Luffy in a red kimono that we saw him wearing in Wanokuni. The black and white protagonist is placed on a green background. In the appendix we can also see that there will be a poster by Nico Robin.

The girl of the ONE PIECE crew will be the focus of the appendix to this issue. with its size poster which you can also observe below. There will obviously be a lot of other content in this issue of ONE PIECE magazine and who knows what other surprises Oda will give us. Given that this release was also promoted with the announcement of the latest ONE PIECE saga, we could expect some details on this.

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