Wa country is not a land like any other, this is the fans of ONE PIECE they had understood it from the beginning. A large part of the population, in fact, is forced to go hungry because of the presence of Orochi who has no mercy even towards children. And it is precisely on this point that sensei has hidden a moving detail.

Sensei has always been a particularly empathetic person, especially towards children as he is a father himself. ONE PIECE chapter 980 has got into the fray Luffy is Zoro, exasperated by the waste of food by Kaido's henchmen during their party. Their unconsciousness, in fact, was dictated by the awareness of the facts, of a reality that does not allow even a little girl to enjoy a hot meal daily.

The way the author embraces this theme is nothing short of moving, as Oda borrows the first-person view of the two Mugiwara during their visit to little Tama. Despite the funny face, they both paid close attention to the happiness with which the girl enjoys her food. This sweet and delicate moment came back to their mind exactly when the emperor's soldiers wasted a great deal of food on the back of those who, on the other side of Wa, are starving.

And it is particularly interesting, moreover, to note how Oda has taken up an apparently banal detail to reinforce such a delicate moment with unprecedented power. And you, instead, what do you think of this moving detail? Let us know, as usual, with a comment below.

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