ONE PIECE is now continuing in alternate phases. Unfortunately, the Coronavirus and Shueisha's situation have aggravated the issue of Eiichiro Oda's pauses, which is recently almost publishing a chapter every two weeks. For this we will have to wait a little before the next issue: ONE PIECE chapter 985 will be released on July 19th.

Given this release date on MangaPlus in English and Spanish, all that remains is to understand what Oda could show us in the next chapter. In ONE PIECE 984 we were left with the discovery of Yamato's secret, actually a woman, who owns Oden's diary and is telling Luffy about it.

Since ONE PIECE will return with color pages, we certainly won't see a mini adventure. The mangaka never inserts those cover stories when the chapter is assigned to open the magazine. For this reason we will jump directly to the story that could resume from the discussion between Luffy and Yamato. It is difficult for the discussion to deepen, but Luffy could accept help from Kaido's daughter.

Instead, it will be interesting to discover the other fronts: Zoro is still grappling with many enemies and even for him it will be necessary to flee to conserve his strength. Nami, Carrot and Shinobu are also in danger and require updates, also to see in what condition is Big Mom. Finally, another question that will surely be addressed is Kaido's announcement, now on the festival stage. What do you expect from the next chapter of ONE PIECE?

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