Are you ready for the new chapter of ONE PIECE? Eiichiro Oda took a week off due to the slowdowns in the works caused by the Coronavirus, but on the next issue of Weekly Shonen Jump, scheduled for Monday in Japan and Sunday on MangaPlus, there will be. Let's see the first advances of ONE PIECE chapter 980.

THE first spoilers of ONE PIECE 980 yesterday we were faced with a situation that anticipated a battle between the pirates of the hundred beasts and straw hat. The further details disclosed today by those in charge of providing the manga spoilers seem to present a conflict as early as this chapter.

Apoo reports the situation to Queen who gives the chance to become a Tobi Roppo to anyone who defeats Luffy. At this point the singing pirate who betrayed Kidd and Hawkins decides to immediately attack Luffy and Zoro in order to keep that position to himself. Using skills that he had already unleashed on the Shabondy archipelago, Apoo attacks Luffy on the face while Zoro is hit by a cut in the chest. Finally, the third attack seems to detonate the Mugiwara captain.

The duo, however, is still alive despite the blows but can not predict Apoo's attack patterns. In the chapter there will also be Kidd who, with Killer, will pounce on the musical pirate. The red pirate indeed wants take revenge for the betrayal immediately and attack Apoo with its huge metal arm. In the middle you can also see other pirates of the hundred beasts including the users of a SMILE of the wolf, the mantis, the giraffe and the gorilla. To read the following, however, we will have to wait because ONE PIECE will be on hiatus again next week.

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