Before the events related in chapter 1044 ONE PIECE Monkey D. Luffy's maximum combat potential was represented by the Gear Fourth. First introduced during the Dressrosa saga, this stage reached by the protagonist celebrates seven years since his debut in the anime produced by Toei Animation.

It was accurate on January 17, 2016 as episode 726 entitled "Fourth course! The legendary Boundman', which already hints at the first of the three forms seen in the following adventures. It is thanks to the new abilities achieved with this form that Luffy finally makes it Defeat Donquixote Do FlamingoThe man who was struck by the bizarre transformation underestimated his opponent.

It was Toei Animation who wanted to remind fans of the debut date of the Gear Fourth Boundman, through the post you can see at the bottom of the page where two frames of Luffy before and after the transformation were reported. A welcome celebration that once again underlines the strength achieved by the protagonist, who is now able to reach the fifth gear, which allowed him to defeat an opponent of Kaido caliber.

The Boundman was just the beginning of Gear Fourth, which allows Luffy to take on various forms such as tankman of absurd dimensions and proportions, and lo and behold snake man which allowed him to face Katakuri in the mirror world.

Finally, we remind you that the new ONE PIECE artbook has been announced and we make you relive all the times that Luffy has used the Gear Fourth in the series.

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