The whole world is changing, and it all started when two emperors fell, the very powerful Big Mom and Kaido, who met their end in Wano. But events aren't over yet, as what happens to Egghead is inevitable will change the world of ONE PIECE forever, given the involvement of Mugiwara and Vegapunk.

The Chapter 1078 of ONE PIECE it focuses on exactly that, on a paradigm shift around the world. Stussy warns Sentomaru that the Navy arrives at Egghead with several warships, also commanded by Admiral Kizaru, and that the situation may therefore be even worse than that suffered by Ohara, with a buster call of unprecedented proportions. Meanwhile, in the lab, Franky is semi-petrified while S-Snake destroys Pythagoras' head and sets off an explosion.

In another corridor is Nico Robin, Atlas and Chopper who go to the secret and abandoned room to see if the real Vegapunk is there. In the meantime, Sanji faces S-Shark and he gets a lot of punches, but none of them hurt the chef, who looks in tip-top shape. Meanwhile, in the central hall, S-Hawk runs away to kill the other weaker members of the crew but is pursued by Zoro and Kaku while S-Bear continues to face off against Luffy and Lucci.

However, a brief flashback begins that explains the birth of the Egghead accident, which will happen within a day. It all started three months before the events when someone contacted the world government and warned about Vegapunk and its research. After the failure of the Cipher Pol agents, this character directly contacts the Five Stars of Wisdom, who decide to relocate in person, triggering this incident. Finally it turns out that the Traitor Vegapunk's satellite is Yorkthe incarnation of greed that surpasses the body of Shaka.

ONE PIECE 1078 ends with the statements of this gigantic figure, determined to eliminate all other Vegapunksalso the main part.

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