Set in the land of Wa, the story arc is now in its final stages. Before the long break scheduled until July 25, 2022 in Chapter 1053 of ONE PIECE Eiichiro Oda gives a quick overview of how the Rotta Maggiore and the main institutions reacted to the defeat of two emperors and the renewal of the dominions by the sea.

Justified "The new emperorsβ€œThe chapter begins with the unauthorized release of posters about the new bounties of the main pirates who took part in the Onigashima War and who definitely defeated Kaido and Big Mom. The chaos and confusion caused by such an initiative, which could spread insufficient information around the world, is followed by the presentation of the posters: Luffy, Kid and Law have now put a bounty of 3 million berries on their heads.

The scene changes almost immediately, taking the reader back to Wano, where the joy and calm are perceived through the preparations and celebrations of the peace gained and the beginning of the shogunate Kozuki Momonosuke. Nico Robin continues his investigations and finds a Poigne Griffe in Tengu's rooms, who to his great surprise takes off his mask and reveals himself to be Kozuki Sukiyaki, father of the legendary Kozuki Oden. Another big surprise is Robin's firm belief in the Presence of Pluton, one of the three ancestral weapons, right within the borders of Wano.

Meanwhile, Ryokugyu has arrived at the former prison of Udon, the complete design of which is shown for the first time. The admiral was able to do that Hurt and block king and queenthe two best subjects of Kaido, proving to be a potentially dangerous opponent even for the Mugiwara.

The celebrations continue and while Luffy invites everyone to celebrate the alliance between pirates and samurai and the outcome of the war, Kid rushes to attack him. Obviously, Straw Hat manages to block him, only to find that now, as Kid himself shows him, Luffy is one of the four emperors of the seaalong with Shanks, Blackbeard and Buggy.

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