The ONE PIECE anime has reached marvelous qualitative heights for a weekly series. The Wano saga pushed TOEI Animation into something unthinkable. However, the best is yet to come. There Fight between Straw Hat Luffy and Emperor Kaido it just started again.

As viewers await ONE PIECE's scheduled hiatus, which will result in a two-week hiatus, the battles on Onigashima between the two continueAlliance between Samurai and Mugiwara and that between the Pirates of the Hundred Beasts and the Pirates of Big Mom.

In ONE PIECE 1051 Luffy has decided that he will fight Kaido alone, ordered Momonosuke and Yamato to prevent the worst. The real goal of the Yonko is actually to land Onigashima on the Capital of Flowers, an eventuality that would sanction the end of the Oden Shogunate in Wano. Momonosuke, who has just become an adult dragon, is tasked with slowing down the entity with Yamato so that Luffy can fight safely.

during theEpisode 1052 of ONE PIECE anime The Mugiwaras will discover that a warehouse full of explosives is hidden in Onigashima. If Luffy hit Kaido, Onigashima would fall and cause an explosion of devastating proportions. A time bomb hangs over the flower capital. Yamato and Momonosuke's top-secret mission begins in ONE PIECE 1052, which is scheduled for release February 19, 2023 Simulcast streaming on Crunchyroll.

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