The final moments of the long battle between Monkey D. Luffy and Kaido are now near and in Chapter 1046 of ONE PIECEthe smiling protagonist has once again managed to surprise the Emperor thanks to the intangible trust he places in his companions and allies.

The exchange of blows between the two, now that Luffy has awakened the true potential of the gom-gom fruit, turned out to be a Zoolike fruit zoo mythological named homo homo model Nika, has been heading for a steady crescendo, and after the powerful attack at the last appointment, Kaido has decided to get serious. Although he repeatedly expresses his joy at finally having found an opponent at his level, Kaido was hit hard by the turn of events.

Onigashima, the island where he ruled for years, is almost completely destroyed due to the numerous clashes that continue to involve all his men. That's why he tries Share your concerns with Luffyand said that his allies too could die at any moment under the rubble or from the fire.

A provocation to which Cappello di Paglia reacted with demonstrations extreme trust in his allies, and says he just has to deal with the fight. Words spoken with such confidence that Kaido was stunned, but only for a moment, before returning to show his brutal fighting spirit on the battlefield, angrier than ever. Finally, we leave you to the spoilers of Chapter 1047 of ONE PIECE.

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