The battle in Onigashima rages on, but its most important phase is not that which takes place on the lower floors, but that which takes place above. ONE PIECE 1000 started the battle between the new and old generation, between the supernovae and the two emperors Kaido and Big Mom.

In the past few days, some spoilers for ONE PIECE 1002 had already been leaked which very briefly summarized the main information of the chapter and informed us of the title this would have. In the last few hours the Chapter 1002 of ONE PIECE in Japanese and completeas you can see in the album below.

The chapter will be based entirely on actions, as is the case with some numbers. Once again in the center it is Fight between Kaido and Big Mom against the quintet of Luffy, Zoro, Kid, Killer and Law. The main focus of the new generation is on one attack at a time, while Big Mom offers support in different attacks.

But it is the latter who warns Kaido to avoid an attack that Zoro is preparing with Enma. The swordsman measures the dragon, but cuts off one of the horns from Onigashima's skull. While Big Mom hits all five enemies with a new electric train, Luffy is the only one who comes out unscathed due to its rubbery conformation. The protagonist of ONE PIECE holds up the shock wave of Kaidos Boro Breath, who is attacked by a Kong Gatling at the end of the chapter.

The clash between Luffy and Kaido continues. We will know how the situation will develop in the coming weeks.

1002 spoilers. If you're mobile and want to zoom, download the IMGUR app.

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