After six wonderful episodes, the animated adaptation of Sasuke Retsuden from Boruto 286 has come to an end. However, the feat of the Uchiha spouses ended amid controversy. Why did Studio Pierrot change this cute scene between Sasuke and Sakura?

Although highly anticipated by all fans, Sasuke Retsuden's adaptation has been problematic since its first episode. First Pierrot Studio He forgot a small detail about the Uchiha, while the community made matters worse by sparking controversy over the clash between Sasuke and the Main.

However, Sasuke Retsuden's anime has given very touching moments, such as the ring-giving scene. Other The long-awaited moment of the light novel has been incredibly transformed instead.

In the final episode of the adaptation, Sasuke manages to identify the location of Sakura, who was buried by the rubble after being betrayed by one he believed to be an ally. During this scene, fans noticed a serious shortcoming compared to Jun Esaka's novel.

If in the light novel Sasuke wipes away his wife Sakura's tears, in the anime series, Sakura has her back to her husband and wipes away her tears alone. Why was this scene changed that would have loved the Sasuke x Sakura couple's lovers instead? There is no answer to this question yet, but by giving up this opportunity, Studio Pierrot's adaptation has certainly lost the chance to give fans a chance unforgettable moment of the relationship between the two spouses Uchiha.

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