Pacific Rim: The Black is about to arrive in the Netflix catalog. To survive the wait, we recommend checking out the latest trailer devoted to the science fiction animated series inspired by Film by Guillermo del Toro.

The video can be found below in the news shared from Twitter account @NXOnNetflix. There is a video over two minutes long in the tweet where we can see some unreleased scenes from the series that will debut next March 4th. The show's first season will consist of seven episodes lasting 30 minutes that tell us the story of Taylor and Hayley, two brothers in search of their missing parents after they left Kaiju attacks They forced the Australian government to completely evacuate the island. At the head of Polygon Pictures' production are Craig Kyle and Greg Johnson, while we don't yet know the details of the names of the speakers who worked on the show.

There are numerous fans in the world of Pacific Rim looking forward to seeing the animated series, especially after the latest rumors about the third movie in the saga, which have not yet been confirmed. Finally, we point out another trailer for Pacific Rim: The Black, a Netflix series.

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