Deidara is one of the first members of the Alba organization to appear in Naruto Shippudenas well as one of the craziest and most popular fans due to his legendary clash with the Kazekage Gaara. The traitor ninja of the Village of the Rock and his artistic career are the protagonists of this spectacular figure.

Deidara is a proud ninja, convinced of his art a perfect and unbeatable force. He presents himself with Sasori, another great art lover, and on the contrary believes that art "a moment of fleeting splendor".

The way Akatsuki member expresses his artistic lead is explosive in tone. Sound infused with the chakra This is modeled by mouths attached to each of their hands. Depending on the amount of chakra infused, Deidara can create five different types of explosives that can destroy an entire village.

In the statue created by Infinity Studio, the blonde antagonist is on board one of his very dangerous explosive creatures. While Deidara it sows panic and destruction With his art, poor Obito desperately clings to one of the clay bird's legs.

The figure is 62cm tall and can be pre-ordered at a price of 1150 euros. A very high price, but largely justifiable given the quality of the piece. Would you like to add this statue to your collection or do you think the cost is too high? Six years ago one of the most exciting episodes of Naruto Shippuden aired. The nine-tailed fox is wild in this Naruto Bodypaint Cosplay.

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