There are many popular series from the minds of Japanese manga artists, some of which managed to go down in history. One of them was born in 1999 from the vision of Masashi Kishimoto who proposed his work to Weekly Shonen Jump, which has been perfected after numerous versions: Naruto.

There Series follows the adventures of Naruto Uzumaki, a young ninja who dreams of becoming the greatest Hokage of Konoha, the Leaf Village. The series features a wide range of characters including Sasuke Uchiha, Sakura Haruno, Kakashi Hatake and many more. Each character has their own unique personality and story that intertwines with Naruto's. The series has been acclaimed for its compelling story, iconic characters, and gripping combat. This mix of qualities has made it one of the most iconic manga of all time, and of course that goes for spin-offs like the two anime, Naruto and Naruto: Shippuden.

Now Naruto will be back to celebrate twenty years since the airing of the anime's first episode. Boruto official report has shared three illustrations for Return of Naruto to summarize all the outstanding phases of the story: As can be seen in the gallery below, we start with young Naruto and Sasuke with the first adventures and then move on to the first Post-timeskip period and finally the fourth great ninja war.

But what is it about? The The Naruto Project will consist of four episodes and will air in September 2023, while a re-broadcast of the series' most iconic episodes will begin on Japanese channels from July. The September episodes will be "all new," although it's not yet known if this will be a reimagining of previous events or if it's truly brand new content.

For better preparation, Studio Pierrot has paused the Boruto anime.

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