The original series of Naruto was characterized by the presence of numerous enemies and antagonists, all well characterized, and among these we certainly find the members of the organization known as Akatsuki, a group of treacherous S-level ninja who were able to get the attention of the Fans immediately arouse their special goals for that.

Introduced in Chapter 139 and Episode 80, Akatsuki was a staple food in the universe of Masashi Kishimoto, who played an important role in the development of the plot. Given the recent appearance of the Kara in the sequel to Boruto, we've compiled a short list to highlight the superiority of the Alba organization over the newcomer.

The first point we find is that emotional and personal engagement regarding some of the main characters. Itachi, Madara, Orochimaru are all characters who have developed more or less close relationships with the protagonists in the course of the chapters and have consequently led to moving, intense scenes and are able to stay in the readers' minds for a long time.

The second motivation concerns the fact of perception Kara as a mere copy of the Alba organization. If the adventures of Naruto's son have repeatedly shown us similarities with the work of Kishimoto and some novelties like the Karma brands, the alien Otsutsuki clan, the presence of such an unoriginal team of enemies disappoints us a little.

The third reason is closely related to the previous one. The villains of Kara presented so far cannot be compared in the least Akatsuki members, all perfectly characterizedThink of Tobi and Itachi with completely unique personalities, attitudes, and stories.

We then move on to the style and consider the design with which the two organizations present themselves. On the one hand we find a black robe with red clouds and white outlines, which has become one of the symbols of the Naruto series, on the other hand we find simple and anonymous black coats.

Finally, it should be emphasized that there were many of them among the members of Alba most powerful opponent in the entire serieswhich is only minimally valid for Kara, only considering Jigen's character.

What do you think of this unprecedented comparison? Do you agree with what was said? Let us know with a comment below. Recall that Emma Watson became Sakura thanks to a fanart, and we leave you pictures tracing Naruto's growth.

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