The Epilog Valley is the site of some of Naruto's best battles. Besides the legendary clash between Hashirama Senju and Madara Uchiha, this place has seen Naruto bump into his friend / rival Sasuke twice.

A huge Naruto fan decided to honor the Epilog Valley by recreating it on Minecraft, a popular video game available on PC and consoles. The misadventures of User Learning have posted a video on their YouTube channel in which they demonstrate their building skills and illustrate it to the audience the different steps of creation.

The impressive and complex structure lets the fans admire the gigantic statues of Hashirama and Madara from a new perspective. The user has recreated the two models taking into account the smallest details: from the details of the hands and feet to the shadows and faces. The result is impressive. And what do you think of his work?

For the few unfamiliar with this iconic setting, Hashirama and Madara battled for control of Konoha in the Valley of the Epilogue. The valley was built from a dam formed using one of the techniques of the First Hokage, while the two statues were built later than Confrontation symbol. Hashirama watches over the side of the waterfall that leads to the Land of Fire, while Madara stands in front of the Land of Sound, as if to symbolize the village's betrayal. But what happened to Hidan? Let's find out if Naruto's antagonist is still alive. We admire the two faces of Itachi in this collectible figure from Naruto Shippuden.

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