Unlike many other mangakas, who always propose the same clothes to their protagonists, except perhaps for some variations for special occasions, Eiichiro Oda enjoys changing his characters' clothes. In ONE PIECEMugiwaras change their clothes often, but there is one particular character who has a large wardrobe.

It is the navigator Nami who changes clothes more frequently throughout the various ONE PIECE sagas. More than thirty clothing changes have been made since its debut, not counting all those made solely for the covers and color pages, not to mention the new clothing items used on Egghead. But what are nami's best clothes? Here is the top 10 navigator outfits.

Let's start with Skypea's costume, which was practically a blue-and-blue bikini, with her then-short hair gathered in two pigtails. A dress that would have been the precursor to the one at number 9, or that Nami posts the timeskip version, in a green and white bikini and low rise jeans, this time with longer hair. You go upstairs by stepping back in time, to the days of Arlong Park when Nami wore a green tank top and dark pants that hit her knees. A little further up, in the seventh position, is one of the newer versions: the Nami from Onigashima pirate version of the hundred beastsonce again clad in a bathing suit with additions that camouflage her among the Emperor's pirates.

The sixth position instead sees one of the most popular and long-lasting versions of Nami, namely the Classic Nami with the white and blue shirt with the V-neck and the orange mini skirt. In fifth place is Nami from Enies Lobby: again a short skirt, but this time light blue, she wore a buttoned top and a shortened denim jacket. Fourth position for the Nami of Wano or the Nami kunoichi with the blue dress from Kinemon.

Then it's on to the podium, to which the third place is dedicated Nami from Zou: During this saga she wears a dress that was lent to her by Wanda, which is a very elegant purple dress with laces on the sides and various strands of beads. Second position instead for the one immediately following, the Whole Cake Island Nami. Once again it was an elegant dress, this time in burgundy. Instead, it comes first Nami from Alabasta: This more arabesque version is certainly one of Nami's most eye-catching and popular dresses.

Do you remember all those dresses? And what is yours favorite nami appeared during ONE PIECE?

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