My Hero Academia: what is the worst possible scenario for heroes?

The war that is currently raging in the world of My Hero Academia he has seen many losses, both on the heroes 'and villains' sides. At the moment it is precisely the team of Shigaraki that has a significant advantage over the heroes.

Tomura's obtaining of the All For Onein fact, it represents a danger for every hero who tries to face the villain, especially Midoriya Izuku. Shigaraki has the ability to rip as many Quirks as possible, but its number one goal is to appropriate One For All, thanks to which it would cancel the heroes' only chance of victory.

In the last chapter, 276, Gran Torino proves to be aware of this eventuality, and warns Deku and Bakugo to stay away from Tomura:

"It seems that the Quirk of All For One has been transferred to Shigaraki. If he manages to get the One For All, then could there be a worse scenario?"

Following the power-up given to him by Dr. Ujiko, Shigaraki's strength has grown dramatically, and even Endeavor was unable to break his defenses - ending up lifeless on the ground. In this scenario so unfavorable for heroes, Izuku is the only hope of victory.

My Hero Academia, the author reveals: "Western fans? They left me speechless." Some My Hero Academia fans don't forgive a particular Hawks action.

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