In the past we’ve looked at some of the characters from My hero academy, an analysis of the influence of your zodiac sign. This time we have decided to focus on Endeavor, Pro Hero Number One and fundamental in the war between heroes and villains of the last arc that is already developing in Kohei Horikoshi’s manga.

Born on 8.8. Enji Todoroki is in the sign of Leo, one of the three fire signs of the twelve of the zodiac, is therefore characterized by incredible willpower and puts passion into everything that is important to him. In addition, Leos tend to be the center of attention and stars under all circumstances, and are particularly outgoing. This aspect is fully reflected in Endeavor, especially in relation to the ambition to snatch first place from All Mightwhich has practically become an obsession for much of its existence.

Characteristic of the Leos is also the joyful, relaxed but active attitude to life, an aspect that doesn’t quite fit the character of Endeavor when you’re striving more and more for the top of the hero society for your past, lived between envy, suffering and exploitation of your own children -Hierarchy. However, Enji has one of the distinguishing features of the sign: the will not to be ignored and to be liked by everyonea challenge that still inspires the Pro Hero today to want to improve.

Your actions and ways of acting can be characterized by originality and creativity, which Endeavor applies both in the management of the internship and in the management of its own agency. The last aspect that helps us analyze Endeavor is that deep pride in the sign of Leo. Leos not only want to conquer the scene, but also want to gain fame and prestige in order to be respected, and in order to achieve their goals, they are often so determined that they are considered stubborn.

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