In the last chapters of My Hero Academy we have finally seen Shigaraki Tomura awakening from the painful incubation process that allowed him to have control over All for One and to greatly increase the power of its original uniqueness of decay.

Now that Shigaraki has within him the power contrary to that of Deku, the curiosity to learn more and understand it better lit violently among fans. After all, over time, we started to understand more and more things about One for Allwhile his nemesis has always remained in the shadows, a mystery that was only hinted at.

Well, already in chapter 274 we were able to give a first look to one of the most fearsome powers of the entire saga. We have, for example, discovered that, from a certain point of view, the All for One is very similar al One for All. Indeed, how this preserves the consciences of all previous owners who on occasion speak with the current one, as happened recently in Deku, the same thing would seem take place in Shigaraki's mind.

However, in this last case, it almost seems that the consciousness of the All for One man and not uniqueness, somehow manages to take over on that of the current bearer, pushing and guiding him to follow i own wishes, which in Deku, with the One for All, is not never happened.

This prompted fans to wonder: what if Tomura as Shigaraki's successor was nothing but a catalyst so that, from his prison in Tartate, All for One can pursue its goals, like that of taking possession of the One for All and, as we have already said in an article, aiming to take the life of his always rival All Might instead of Deku?

Let us know yours below in the comments.

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