Shоuta Noguchi, assistant to the author Kohei Horikoshi, became known on the net for his great skits, which are dedicated to the heroes of My Hero Academia and which are often rewarded with tens of thousands of likes by the fans. The author occasionally posts the drawings on his Twitter profile, e.g. lately he’s decided to dedicate one to Mirko and Hawks.

Check out Noguchi’s illustration below, in which the two Pro Heroes are shown on a day off. Both carry a skateboard and Hawks even wears a t-shirt with the face of Tsukuyomi, the top-class student he taught several times. A nice piece of everyday life for two heroes who, as is well known, often go on extremely dangerous missions.

Hawks and Mirko were the protagonists of one of the final, and in all likelihood, My Hero Academia narrative strands we’ll see it adapted in the sixth season of the anime. In the Horikoshi manga, the heroes never had a break from Volume 25’s Christmas party, and today when we got to chapter 321 the situation is not much different.

And what do you think? What rating would you give Noguchi’s sketch? Let us know with a comment! In the meantime, we remind you that My Hero Academia is back with a new release this Sunday and that tomorrow, August 1st, 2021, the 5×18 episode of the anime will air.

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