My Hero Academia: There is a need for a toga spin-off.  Here’s why

Himiko Toga has been one of the most interesting characters from since their first appearance My hero academia However, there are still many things we don't know about this character. Let's see why it would be necessary to have a spin-off streak or a full study in the manga where she is seen as the protagonist.

When he first appeared in the Kohei Horikoshi series toga it appears interested in Stein's ideals to the point of participating in the Union of the Villains of Shigaraki. But unfortunately The deep motivations are not yet known that prompted them to make these decisions.

The series has often put the girl in the spotlight by highlighting her as well some sides of his thoughts and feelings about the fight between heroes and villains. Particular attention is paid to part of her past during the Meta Liberation Army narrative arc, in which Curious, the saga's villain, is interested in the reasons that made toga what she has become.

The woman learned that the girl ran away from home after graduating from middle schoolcalls on the latter to reveal that the reason for the escape lies in the fact that one day he landed attacking a boy with a knife and then sucking his blood.

Also recently, Toga Ochaco revealed the reason for the need to suck the blood of the people he loves by showing us a review.

Another special event the girl plays in the final chapter of My Hero Academia, but these are fair small fragments of a character that should be researched Deeper.

What do you think of Himiko Toga? Would you also like to learn more about this villain? In the meantime, I leave an article on why Shigaraki would also need a spin-off.

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