The truth has come out. When Toru Hagakure was identified as a secret intruder by All For One, Kohei Horikoshi finally revealed the real traitor of UA High School. To shamelessly lie to his comrades, to work for the villain, that was Aoyama. What will happen to him in the next chapters of? My Hero Academia?

After a brief skirmish in the forest, which was turned off by Hagakure's intervention, Aoyama and his parents are captured and brought outside the house Judgment of the Yuei authorities. Rector Nezu, Toshinori and Detective Tsukauchi are incredulous, although all the conditions were met, no one was prepared for something like that.

At the sight of the entire Class 1-A, Aoyama continues her tears. Despite his words to the contrary, he is certainly not a villain or a person who ever acted to leave against the society of heroes. If he betrayed his classmates, it was only to protect his family from the All For One threat, and Midoriya seems to have understood that all too well.

Aoyama desperately sought help by giving small signals, but no one had ever noticed that before. Deku only noticed now, and when a hero hears a cry for help, he is always ready to speak up. That's exactly what Izuku does at the end of chapter 337 of My Hero Academia. In tears forgive your friend and extends his hand to give him the opportunity to atone for the sins with which he has defiled himself.

However, the verdict of the hero society could be very different. Aoyama is condemned, or will he have the opportunity to fight evil in the final battle that is always to come? We leave you to the author's comment on the ending of My Hero Academia and the latest sales record the manga hit.

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