Although the war between hero and villain is almost over, the sides are up My hero academia They keep astonishing readers. Every single protagonist puts their own life on the line so that their faction can emerge victorious from this bloody battle, but a new event will upset the field.

Tomura Shigaraki was exhausted from the long fight and the injuries suffered a state of halflessness where All For One could take control of his body. Furious at the ineptitude of his subordinates, the rage of All Might's rival is fearful.

In the new chapter of the opera, Spinner and the other villains try to wake Shigaraki. Any attempt seems to be useless, however a brilliant stroke of genius the criminal seems to be able to solve the problem.

Spinner remembers how angry Shigaraki gets when someone dares to take their hands in their hands Remnants of their own family and how calm I am with one of these memorabilia. After Spinner identifies one of the hands, presumably Nana Shimura's, he uses this triggering cause to try to wake her up.

Shigaraki puts his hand on his face and eventually wakes up, but All For One's presence doesn't seem to go away. In fact, All For One is reminding the Rogue Union leader that the more I hate him, the more its control will inevitably increase. We admire the new My Hero Academia color page. Aizawa is handing out gifts in this Christmas artwork from My Hero Academia.

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