The time has finally come for them too. You haven’t appeared in My Hero Academia in a long time with a prominent role, but the next story arc will be entirely devoted to Tomura Shigaraki and his gang. While the heroes of My Hero Academia grapple with Kurogiri and its secrets, the other villains work hard.

The Union of Villain becomes the protagonist of My Villain Academia, the final arc of the fifth season of the My Hero Academia anime. The villain group around Tomura Shigaraki is finally back and shows itself in a new key visual that prepares the viewer for the next phase. Below we see the poster shared by the user Atsu on Twitter, which shows us Shigaraki in the middle with all his allies on a beige background. At the bottom the title “My Villain Academia” stands out.just to underline who will really be at the center of the new story.

For the more attentive, the poster immediately remembers the first key visual from My Hero Academia 5where we saw Deku and the other heroes preparing for their winter test against Class 1-B. The colors used are almost identical, but instead the direction changes: the heroes moved from top right to bottom left, a completely mirror-image situation for the villains led by Shigaraki.

The My Hero Academia 5×20 preview has prepared viewers for Shigaraki’s adventure.

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