My hero academia presents its readers with an increasing number of characters, often inspired by various comic or video game works. Among these, a certain hero seems to have been created thanks to the influence of the Mega Man game. Here is the drawing that the author shared.

In the final chapters of the manga, numerous professional heroes face a difficult situation due to the recent war against the Union of Villains. To washNumber 8 in the ranking is one of them and the protagonist of the new design by Kohei Horikoshi.

The mangaka wanted to share a via his Twitter accountSign illustration Thanks to this, fans could see the source of inspiration from which the washing machine man emerged. The sketch is reported in the tweet at the bottom of this news and in it the professional hero appears surrounded by the classic screen used in the series’ video games Mega manto present a new opponent to the player. This further underscores Wash’s similarity to the numerous Robot bosses present within the Capcom franchise.

It is not the first time that the author has shown that he is inspired by works of this kind. Recently, some fans have even hypothesized that two characters were created by My Hero Academia that take inspiration from Super Mario and lead to a new theory.

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