The brief leap in time that took place at the end of the war arc of My hero academia led readers to meet a deeply changed Deku, a significantly more mature and "darker" boy than the sunny Yuei student he was. However, let's not forget that although the future weighs heavily on him, Midoriya is still a young boy.

The moral defeat of the heroes and All For One's flight from Tartarus spawned a new era. an age of terror and panic in which the population is now spiraling out of control. In the last few chapters, we have actually seen groups of citizens defying the orders of the heroes, trying to do their best, and defending themselves by improvising themselves. Vigilante.

The results are, of course, disastrous. The company is about to give in to the criminal hegemony of All For One. The only one who can do it reject this sad future It is Deku who has the arduous task of continuing what All Might and the other predecessors of One For All had done before him.

However, one of the remains of One For All that still lives in the depths of the Quirk is not hiding Contempt for the current owner of uniqueness. ""In our struggle, victory means life and defeat means death. Are you now telling us to devote our efforts to those who wish to save our sworn enemy? A guy who clings to such a ridiculous illusion?"says the second owner.

In response to this, e in defense of Deku, the original owner of One For All, the brother of All For One, steps in. ""Our fight could never have started if you hadn't got me out of this room that day. They know this is the only way. The moment you reach out your hand to me corresponds to the real birth of One For AllBut will Deku be able to save his enemy Tomura Shigaraki? In the meantime, here is the cutest touch from My Hero Academia.

Volume 30 of My Hero Academia will have a second cover, here's a preview of the special cover.

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